Today almost every enterprise is powered by data. Every application creates data, whether it is log messages, metrics, user activity, outgoing messages, or whatnot. Every byte of data has some information. We take information in, analyze it, manipulate it, and create more as output.

What is Kafka

Kafka is open-source software that provides a framework for storing, reading, and analyzing a stream of data. Today data and logs produced by any source are being processed, reprocessed, analyzed, and handled in real-time and that’s why Apache Kafka is playing a significant role in data streaming. Kafka provides three main functions.

  • Publish and subscribe to…

The past isn’t here anymore, the future cannot be seen and the only thing permanent is the present moment and nothing else. Everything is the result of the change. There is nothing to question — change is the only constant in the life.

A well-known and most irritating problem in the software industry is that no matter what we do, customer requirements will always be changed. For example, suppose you are developing an application to help your customer to understand his Employee. Your customer might want an API in your application to find all the employees who are older than…

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Hello All, As a java developer we need to update our shelf about the new features, enhancement, or deprecated API of every new release of Java. JDK 14 comes plenty of new or previewing and Incubator features such as pattern matching for instanceof, Helpful NullPointerExceptions, switch expressions, Memory management API, deprecated some garbage collector algorithm, and many more.

In the Software industry, Java Developers are still using an older version of java like java8 or java7 or java6 or even older ones. Java8 has a major feature release and that is a lambda expression, Functional programming capability.

So whether we’re…

Understanding of multi-tenancy

Why Multi-Tenancy

In the software industry, every customer has their requirement, software provider gets many requests from customers with customized needs. If a software product is implemented according to each customer's needs separately and delivered, then the implementation takes more time to complete. The software cannot be maintained easily if there are different implementations of the product. The provider needs to spend more money to satisfy different customers. Here multi-tenancy comes into existence to provide a solution for all the problems faced by the provider to satisfy the different customers with different needs. Multi-Tenancy allows single software to be served between the…

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I am still learning …

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